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Dieses Dokument beinhält Regeln, Impressum und Datenschutzerklärung für die Sharkey-Instanz auf https://connect.braydmedia.de
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7. This instance is for people older than 18 years
## Data protection notice
Last updated: 19/06/2023
Last updated: 3rd January 2024
### 1. Who we are
connect.braydmedia.de (hereafter “we”, “us” or “the service”) is a non-profit [donation-based](https://liberapay.com/Braydofficial) service that provides Sharkey social media accounts to the connect.braydmedia.de Community (“you”). For the purpose of connecting and interacting with other Sharkey or Fediverse accounts, connect.braydmedia.de processes personal data from its users and users of other instances with whom they interact. This data protection notice describes what kind of personal data we process and on what legal basis, how long we keep it and why, as well as your rights with respect to your data.
@ -84,6 +85,8 @@ For the purposes of this notice:
Personal data processed by connect.braydmedia.de is accessible to its administration team and, where necessary, to moderators on a need-to-know basis to ensure a secure operation. User content is published or delivered according to the user settings. For the provision of the service, connect.braydmedia.de employs the data processors listed below that process personal data linked to the service solely on the written instruction from connect.braydmedia.de:
- Server hosting from [netcup GmbH, Karlsruhe](https://www.netcup.de/) (Server hosted in Austria)
- Server hosting (Storage) from [Backblaze Inc., San Mateo, USA](https://backblaze.com)
- Content Delivery Network (CDN) from [Cloudflare Germany GmbH, München](https://cloudflare.com)
- Email notifications delivery from [Sendinblue GmbH, Berlin](https://www.brevo.com/de/)
- Email mailbox from [Proton AG, Geneva, Switzerland](https://proton.me)
- Donations processing from [Liberapay](https://liberapay.com)
@ -138,6 +141,11 @@ If you contact connect.braydmedia.de via email or a Sharkey private message, any
**(e) Donations via Liberapay**
Users can make donations for the operation of connect.braydmedia.de via Liberapay, which processes personal data according to their own data protection notice.
**(f) Cloudflare**
We use the Content Delivery Network (CDN) of Cloudflare Germany GmbH, Rosental 7, c/o Mindspace, 80331 Munich Germany (Cloudflare) to increase the security and delivery speed of our website. This corresponds to our legitimate interest (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR). A CDN is a network of [globally] distributed servers that is able to deliver optimized content to the website user. For this purpose, data may be processed in server log files by Cloudflare.
The functionality of the website is not possible without this processing. Files that are made available in this way are provided by the CDN via the domain braydmedia-cdn.com.
**Exercise your rights**
You have the right to request from us access to and rectification or erasure of your personal data or restriction of processing concerning you or, where applicable, the right to object to processing or the right to data portability. Where applicable, you also have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Please note that withdrawing your consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal.