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Gringotts is an item-based economy plugin for the Spigot Minecraft server platform. Unlike earlier economy plugins, all currency value and money transactions are based on actual items in Minecraft, per default emeralds. The goals are to add a greater level of immersion, a generally more Minecraft-like feeling, and in the case of a PvP environment, making the currency itself vulnerable to raiding.

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  • Item-backed economy (configurable, default emeralds)
  • Multiple denominations with automatic conversion (for example, use emeralds and emerald blocks)
  • Storage of currency in chests and other containers, player inventory and ender chests (configurable)
  • Direct account-to-account transfers commands
  • Optional transaction taxes
  • Fractional currency values (fixed decimal digits)
  • Vault integration


Storing money in an account requires a Gringotts vault. A vault consists of a container, which can be either chest, dispenser or furnace, and a sign above or on it declaring it as a vault. A player may claim any number of vaults. Vaults are not protected from access through other players. If you would like them to be, you may use additional plugins such as LWC or WorldGuard .

Read how to use gringotts.


Read how to config gringotts.


Read how gringotts permissions works.


Read how to use gringotts commands.

Installation and Configuration

Download Gringotts and place it in your craftbukkit/plugins folder

Please see the Configuration and Permissions document on how to configure Gringotts.

Problems? Questions?

Have a look at the Wiki. You're welcome to improve it, too!


Would you like to make changes to Gringotts yourself? Fork it! Pull requests are very welcome, but please make sure your changes fulfill the Gringotts quality baseline:

  • new features, settings, permissions are documented
  • required dependencies are all added to the build by Maven, not included in the repo
  • the project builds with Maven out-of-the-box

Gringotts uses the Maven 3 build system. Build a working plugin jar with the command

mvn compile install


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Gringotts contributors

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All code within Gringotts is licensed under the BSD 2-clause license. See license.txt for details.