Brayd brayd

A simple python script that uses AI to generates 4 images using the OpenAI API. Images will be saved on the file system.

Updated 2023-01-15 22:41:23 +01:00

A recipe plugin for [Maubot](

Updated 2023-02-09 17:06:51 +01:00

My public keys for my PGP mail addresses.

Updated 2023-04-13 15:12:28 +02:00

This is a simple Bot written in Python to bring ChatGPT directly into Python.

Updated 2023-01-15 22:39:19 +01:00

This repository does not include code. It is used to provide information for a german speaking, vegan Matrix space.

Updated 2023-04-28 07:53:41 +02:00

Repository for Braydmedia assets.

Updated 2023-04-27 20:55:03 +02:00

A small Rust tool to be able to send Synapse Server Notices to ALL local users instead of only being able to send it to a single user via the target argument.

Updated 2023-06-25 13:48:31 +02:00

A simple Golang example for concurrency

Updated 2023-04-29 15:59:46 +02:00

This Repository is only a mirror from GitHub to keep track with changes made to the repository we are forking from. Head over to to see changes made by Canreal.

Updated 2023-08-17 20:32:07 +02:00