A small Rust tool to be able to send Synapse Server Notices to ALL local users instead of only being able to send it to a single user via the target argument.
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Synapse Notify

This is a small Rust based tool for the Synapse Matrix server software. It's only purpose is for sending a server notice as defined in the Synapse documentation to all registered, local users.
By default a server notice only goes to a single user defined as target user in the API call's body.



1. For whom is this useful?

This is useful for Synapse administrators of small servers who want to send an announcement to all their users at once.

2. Is this useful for admins of servers with many users?

NO! Keep in mind, that when using this tool there will be sent out one API call for every single registered user. This is fine for servers with 10-20 users. However if you have hundreds or even thousands of users this will take a long time and will increase the load onto your server. Especially when doing this the first time.

3. In what type of environment was this tested yet?

Only on my own server that has 14 registered users at the time of testing. Running through it took about 10 seconds. I don't know how long it'll take on big server and if it maybe breaks something or similiar, but I guess it'll take a really long time on big servers.